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Griechischer Bio Bergtee (20g) – ANASSA

Netto Gewicht 20 g. Preis 9,90 6,50 € Preis per 100g 32,50 € inkl 7% USt….



Griechischer Bio Bergtee (20g) – ANASSA

Kategorie Angebote / Tee
Datum 27 Februar 2018

Netto Gewicht 20 g.
Preis 9,90 6,50 €
Preis per 100g 32,50 € inkl 7% USt.
EAN 520012278004C


Mountain tea, ‘siderites’, derives its name from ‘sideron’, i.e. iron’ and therefore Dioscorides advocated its healing power for wounds of iron objects, such as swords or arrows. Today we know that mountain tea is called siderites because it contains iron (Fe), and also that its therapeutic use in ancient Greece was based on the principle of homeopathy (treating ‚like with like‘). Due to its iron content, Hippocrates recommended mountain tea as a tonic. Dioscorides also prescribed it for the treatment for colds. A delicious tea infusion with many beneficial effects. Rich in flavonoids and essential oils, it provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection. This aromatic – medicinal plant belongs to the Labiatae (Lamiaceae) family. Used for its stomach-soothing, anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, tonic, detoxifying and diuretic properties. Also beneficial to the blood vessels, and with antihypertensive action. Used for colds and infections of the upper respiratory system. Rich in antioxidant properties and acting against iron deficiency anaemia, as it contains iron. Savor this naturally caffeine free drink as a late night treat. Steep 1gr for 5 minutes in water just to the point of boiling (950 C). If preferred, you may sweeten with honey. 0.71 oz – 20 grams 20 tea bags & 6 wooden sticks included.






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