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Bohnen Agrifarm (500g)

Netto Gewicht 500 g Preis 4,23 € 2,10 € Preis per Kg 4,20 € inkl 7%…


Bohnen Agrifarm (500g)

Kategorie Hülsenfrüchte
Datum 1 März 2018

Netto Gewicht 500 g
Preis 4,23 € 2,10 €
Preis per Kg 4,20 € inkl 7% USt.
Produzent Agrifarm.
EAN 5200122010078


Forget what you’ve known about beans so far. It’s not just that Agrifarm beans come from the fertile regions of Northern and Central Greece where they are grown following integrated management principles that keep them away from pesticides and chemicals. They are part of Agrifarm’s ambitious Family Farms Project which means they come from small, Greek family farms where agriculture is a way of life and a link to tradition. As an added bonus, Agrifarm beans are meaty, flavorful, thin-skinned, easy to digest, and boil in no time. Beans, these multi-faceted, multi-talented stars of nutrition, have such a high nutrient content that they come highly recommended by nutritionists and health specialists who advise that beans should be consumed on a weekly basis by everyone. Being an astounding source of plant protein and chockfull in indispensable nutrients such as iron and zinc, vitamins, and antioxidants, beans are one of the capstones of the highly acclaimed Mediterranean Diet. Low in fat, they are exorbitantly high in soluble fiber which works towards dropping blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Still, their stardom status doesn’t stop at their health benefits. The Greek way of eating beans as the main ingredient of „fasolada“ bean soup, has led many to assume that beans are a winter food but the myth is about to be debunked. Bulky and substantial, they can be eaten throughout the year in a dizzying range of fabulous recipes, as an ideal meat alternative that keeps you sated longer and tastes delicious. Agrifarm’s beans are small Greek treasures that will make each and every one of the recipes you try a „fit“ award winner. Agrifarm beans are a part of the company’s Family Farms Project which has won a number of highly prestigious taste awards as well as awards for the packaging of Agrifarm Family Farm pulses. In 2014, that smart, elegant packaging won coveted Best Packaging Solution Silver Award from European Design Awards. In 2015, they swept away the gold at the „Re-Inspire Greece“ contest by „Gaea“. Inspired by the burlap sacks in which legumes were traditionally stored in the old days, the packaging is designed on a story-telling concept and it’s made from 100% handcrafted Greek cotton-based material that allows the pulses to breathe and thus keep all of their nutritional value. It includes a QR Code which, when scanned with a Smartphone, tells you where in Greece the product comes from and how it was processed.

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